• Light the Way

    Light the Way

    Give to restore electricity infrastructure in Iraq



    Help persecuted Christians rebuild what was lost and return to their homes in Iraq.

  • Operation Return to Nineveh<sup>TM</sup>

    Operation Return to NinevehTM

    We need your help in partnering with churches, providing medical supplies, and feeding families as we rebuild.

  • Operation Return to Nineveh<sup>TM</sup>

    Operation Return to NinevehTM

    This is where the healing begins.

Iraqi Christian Relief Council

We exist to support, protect and defend persecuted Christians in Iraq and the Middle East by providing emergency humanitarian aid and public awareness.

How We're Helping Christians in Iraq

Operation Return To Nineveh™

In the summer of 2014, ISIS attacked Nineveh Plain communities, where they deliberately destroyed churches, businesses, homes, and infrastructure amounting to a US government-recognized genocide.

Our Passion and Calling

Iraqi Christian Relief Council exists to support, protect, and defend persecuted Assyrian Christians in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East by providing emergency humanitarian aid, prayer support, and advocacy.

We involve the world christian community through helping them take action in their community. Use your voice to help ICRC.

Help Spread Our Message

Download our poster to print and share on your church or community bulletin board, and share the message and mission of aid, advocacy, and prayer with Christians around the world. 

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Help Us Rebuild Christianity’s Birthplace

Thousands of Assyrian Christian families have been displaced through religious persecution and ethnic cleansing.

These victims have been abused, tortured and are tired of running. Hope is hard to find.

With your support we’ve already helped thousands–and now we invite you to join us as we support the plight of Assyrian Christians in Iraq through our humanitarian relief.