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The Iraqi Christian Relief Council (ICRC) is hard at work to raise $75,000 to bring back electricity to a city 20 miles north of Mosul, the city of Teleskof where 500 Christian families have returned to their homes from the refugee camps.

Today is  Mother’s Day, and more than ever the 500 Assyrian (also known as Chaldean and Syriac) mothers who have returned to their destroyed homes are in need of electricity. These women have kept their faith in the Lord and have kept hope alive for their families. Now, they are ready to lead their families in rebuilding their future.

This Mother’s Day, we need your support for the Light The Way campaign. Your generosity can give light to some of the world’s most vulnerable mothers.

Your donations can change lives in Teleskof this summer!

Your donations can change lives in Teleskof this summer!

Assyrian Christian women are the rock of strength for a community rebuilding after genocide. They are the caretakers, homemakers, wives and mothers providing moral guidance and strength to their husbands, children and relatives in a time of great need. For three years, these mothers endured hunger, displacement, and uncertainty, yet remained steadfast in their faith in Christ and gave their families the strength to overcome any challenge.

Mother Wasan Adel Matti has returned to Teleskof with her family

Mother Wasan Adel Matti has returned to Teleskof with her family

Exclusive interview with a returned mother in Teleskof

Electricity will bring light to mothers like Wasan Adel Matti, who is a stay-at-home mom with one baby girl. Wasan fled ISIS in 2014 and was displaced for two years and six months. She says she is happy to be home. Electricity will give light to Wasan while she prepares dinner, brings her family together to share nutritious food around the dinner table, and at night reads the Bible to her young daughter. Wasan sat down with ICRC to give an update for Light The Way supporters on why Teleskof is so important to Christians and how electricity will impact her family’s life.

ICRC: How do you feel about returning home to Teleskof after ISIS?

Wasan: I feel a huge happiness returning home to the village of my ancestors.

ICRC: Is it important to raise your child in Teleskof?

Wasan: Yes, because everyone in our village is Christian and we are all connected to each other through church and schools. Everything in Teleskof is run by Christians.

ICRC: What is the significance of Teleskof in your heart?

Wasan: Teleskof is very dear to me because it is where I was born, grew up and received my education. I will stay in my village forever.

ICRC: How can electricity improve your daily life?

Wasan: Electricity is very important for life! It’s our only source of light, and besides that it runs all the devices in our homes, which make our lives a little more comfortable.  

ICRC: How will you use electricity in Teleskof this summer?

Wasan: We will ration the electricity and only use it for what’s required with no extravagance. Electricity will greatly benefit villagers who use it in their daily business.

ICRC: How does it feel to be home?

Wasan: I feel very happy to be at home again. Nothing feels more comfortable than returning home to my forefathers’ village.

On Mother’s Day, ICRC asks you to make a donation to such incredibly strong Christian women who have held their families together during the unthinkable. Light The Way campaign is not just about giving electricity, it’s about making women’s lives more stable after losing everything to the Islamic State. This Mother’s Day, give to Light The Way and set the stage for a bright future for Iraq’s Christian mothers and their families.

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