What You Can Do

Make a difference today

How can I help?

With the recent ISIS attacks, this is one of the most common questions people ask us. We need your prayers, resources and voice to help spread awareness about the perilous crisis in Iraq and raise funds to help fight the battle.


A Christian child carries an aid package from ICRC

Our partnership with you is the strongest force of advocacy for Assyrian Christians in Iraq. You can make a difference today, right now—go ahead, and start the first ripple of your wave!

Ways you can be an advocate

  • Donate – The simplest way to help Assyrian Christians, apart from praying for them, is to divert the resources of your church to meet their pressing needs. Donate funds to directly help Assyrian families on the ground.
  • Volunteer –  Use your talents to raise awareness and funds to help this cause.
  • Pray –  Keep Assyrian Christians in your prayers through our prayer requests.
  • Host your own vigil – Host a vigil which will provide prayers for the persecuted church and raise awareness for this cause.
  • Request a speaker – Invite experts to talk about the genocide of our fellow Christians.
  • Sign safe haven petition for Assyrian Christians in Iraq – Make politicians aware that Assyrians need a protected community in Iraq to thrive in the future.
A peaceful protest outside the White House for Assyrian Christians

A peaceful protest outside the White House for Assyrian Christians