Will Your Family Adopt Their Family?


Background Info:

The Christians of Iraq have suffered since 2003 when AL-Qaeda and their affiliates started to target their lives. With the brutality perpetrated by ISIS starting in 2014, the remaining Christian community in Iraq became even more devastated. 


Approximate Statistics:

As a result of years of suffering, these indigenous people whose Assyrian heritage dates back to millennia before Christ started to flee their homes for safety. The following is an approximate number of asylum seekers in the region:

Jordan- 10,000

Turkey- 22,000



Their Current Living Condition:

The following conditions are what these asylum seekers face every day:

They are forbidden to work, therefore they:

  • Are unable to pay rent on time and some are even evicted from their ghettos   
  • Suffer from lack of nutritious meals 
  • Suffer from outbreak of different types of illnesses
  • Are unable to seek medical attention or purchase necessary medication 
  • Suffer from loss of dignity and sever trauma 


Majority of the children are not able to go to school for various reasons such as:

  • They are bullied
  •  The family lacks funding 

UNHCR does not give majority of these families the refugee status based on unclear reasons.

Many families face continuous rejection from such countries as United States, Canada and Australia.   


So many try to find their next meals out of garbAGE


Many families face continuous rejection from such countries as United States, Canada and Australia.

These are people whom once were proud citizens of Iraq with careers, businesses, and comfortable lives. 


These families live in Limbo. Haven’t they suffered enough? 


They Need YOU Now!

Will your family help provide them with food?

Here is how the program works:


We have been able to identity 1000 families who are in need and live in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon

On average, the monthly cost of living in these countries is between $500 to $700 US dollars. Although this amount may seem large; however, we TOGETHER can ease their suffering.

Monthly Contributors:

If you choose to be a monthly donor at level $100 and above, we will assign a family to your donation specifically and will update you with pictures and their condition every quarter. We will send you a video, pictures and a written report on their living condition and their resettlement case.

WE TOGETHER can ease their suffering.

Adopt A Family

For International Donations please consider giving through paypal

The families who are living away from their homes as asylum seekers have needed help for years. 

We have been present in the lives of these refugees for many years and now we are grateful that you have opened your heart to them, also. 

Because of your support, we will be able to ease the suffering of these victims one family at a time, one day at a time. Your generosity will enable them to have better food every day and will help them with their monthly rent. All of this gives the parents peace of mind which is priceless

We are deeply honored to have a supporter like you who would show not just in word but action that you are a true ally of some of the world's most vulnerable believers in Christ.

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