Leaders on our work

Read endorsements of Iraqi Christian Relief Council’s work from world leaders.

“Since 2007, the Iraqi Christian Relief Council a 501c(3) organization has tirelessly advocated for the persecuted Church in Iraq, has educated Americans across the country on the reality in which our fellow Christians live and has raised funds for basic necessities. In addition to serving in Iraq and in the United States, in 2015 this ministry expanded its work into such countries as Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, even in Europe to meet the needs of those who have been displaced because of Islamic radicalism. I appreciate the good work that Juliana and her organization are doing.” – Frank Wolf, former Congressman

“Long before most Americans knew or cared about the plight of Middle Eastern Christians, Juliana Taimoorazy was tirelessly advocating for them around the country at her own expense. Since 2007, her Iraqi Christian Relief Council has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars directly to people who are suffering on the ground. In addition to her relief work, Juliana has been successful in bringing together like-minded Christians from around the world and across denominations to further advance her cause. Her passion and integrity is without parallel. Her vision for the future of her community is inspiring. I’ve met many people in the advocacy arena, but few have the unique combination of wisdom, personality, and passion that Juliana brings to the table. I highly endorse her work.”Robert Nicholson, Executive Director of the Philos Project

Fr. Behnam Benoka, PhD and Sr. Diana Momeka, OP Humanitarian Nineveh Relief Organization