On this day commemorating the victims of genocide, we remember those Assyrians who perished during the Armenian, Assyrian and Greek genocide in Turkey from 1914-1918.

We remember the Assyrian victims of Semele of 1933, who were murdered during mass killings ordered by the newly formed Iraqi government and carried out by Kurdish proxy militias.

We remember the Assyrian and Yazidi women who were sold into sex slavery by the Islamic State, including those who perished in their imprisonment and those who still wait to be freed.

We remember those in Iraq and Syria who refused to renounce Christ and were martyred by the Islamic sword.

We also honor all those who survived the heinous crimes of the Islamic State. We will not rest until justice is served and every Assyrian, Yazidi and Turkmen who chooses is able to return to the ancestral homeland the Islamic State tried, but failed to destroy.

We call on humanity to unite in relieving the suffering of genocide victims throughout the world.

Juliana Taimoorazy
Founder and President, Iraqi Christian Relief Council 

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