Our activities

Iraqi Christian Relief Council aids Assyrian Christians in Iraq who are direct victims of ISIS and religious persecution. Assyrian Christians in Iraq have faced extreme persecution since 2003 during the US-led Iraq War. Iraqi Christian Relief Council has been helping Iraq’s Christians for nearly ten years, and we have provide essential relief to families suffering at the hands of ISIS in northern Iraq.

  • Last year, Iraqi Christian Relief Council helped 95,000 Assyrian Christians in Iraq
  • More than half of Iraqi Christian Relief Council’s aid went directly into the hands of vulnerable Christians in Iraq
  • More than 85 percent of persecuted Christians who receive our aid are in Iraq

In Iraq we focus on

  • Providing safe places for Christian families to live after their forced displacement from their native villages and towns
  • Distribution of emergency food and housing relief
  • Making sure families, especially children, have their needs met for the winter by providing jackets, heaters, and proper cold weather clothing and food
  • Providing medical care for Christians suffering from chronic diseases, such as cancer, but unable to afford necessary treatment

Our partners

  • Assyrian Aid Society
  • Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Sienna