Did you know they are #LeftBehindInTurkey?

Iraqi Christians escaped ISIS in 2014. Now they struggle to survive in Turkey. While waiting for visas to resettle into safe countries, thousands of Iraqi Christian refugee families face hunger, poverty, and persecution for their faith.

In 2014, there were roughly 44,000 Christians that Turkey from Iraq; however, United Nations Higher Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) estimates there are currently 23,000 remaining spread across different towns.

Father Ramzi, a Native Assyrian from Turkey and a Catholic Chaldean priest carries a heavy cross as he serves 7,000 Christians spread across 35 cities in Turkey. “Their Christian faith remains an integral part of their lives. It is what keeps them going in such difficult conditions.” He travels from city to city to visit and support his refugee community. He joyfully said, “Even if it’s for 5 people, I’m going to visit them. I love them, they are my people and they need me.”

These Christians are not permitted to work and as a result, many families live in terrible conditions. They suffer from hunger, lack of adequate health care and in many cases from severe depression. Many are not sure how they will survive the upcoming winter. 

I come to you as a sister in Christ and as an advocate to ask you to partner with Iraqi Christian Relief Council in serving this devastated community. Donate directly on the website or send a check to PO Box 3021 Glenview IL, 60025.

Please spread the word about #LeftBehindInTurkey Campaign and invite your friends to partner with you and I to help these vulnerable families. 

Join the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, and be a hero to those persecuted for their faith.

There are 23,000 Iraqi Christians who are displaced in Turkey throughout 72 cities.

They are not allowed to work.

Approximately 5,000 of these people are in desperate need.

The cost of food on average is $100 for a family of 5.

The cost of rent on average is $200 for a very small apartment.

The total housing cost is $500.