Light The Way campaign is your chance to give Iraq’s Christian families in great need of electricity the power of light this summer in the village of Teleskof in northern Iraq.  ICRC is committed to giving light back to the lives of some of Iraq’s most vulnerable children who have wanted nothing more than to go home for the past 3 years. Since birth, many Christian children have only known religious persecution, war, destruction and displacement. We are calling week 1 #PowerPlay — let’s bring joy back to the lives of Teleskof’s children while their parents are rebuilding their homes after the terrible destruction of ISIS.

Teleskof’s children memories are seared with fleeing their homes with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Instead of playing in their gardens and worshiping in the churches of their ancestors, they spent almost three years living in dirty camps at the mercy of strangers, far from their beloved village. We can’t change the past, however, we can actively impact the future. You can give Teleskof’s children a summer they deserve full of joy.  

Any donation you make to ICRC’s Light The Way campaign will directly fund these gifts to Teleskof’s children this summer:

Your donations can fund Christian children's dreams this summer

Your donations can fund Christian children’s dreams this summer

Exclusive interview with a returned school teacher in Teleskof

 At 54-years-old Madlen Hormiz Sadeq has lived a long life as a devout Christian woman dedicated to helping Assyrian Christian children in Teleskof access quality education at the Teleskof School for Boys. Madlen sat down with ICRC to give an update for Light The Way supporters the situation in Teleskof and to share her hopes for the future. 

photoICRC: What caused you to flee Teleskof in 2014?

Madlen: We were told that ISIS was coming to attack Teleskof so we quickly grabbed all of our valuable items, like our identification papers, and ran from our homes. 

ICRC: Where did you live after you fled Teleskof?

Madlen: We went to Zakho (a small historic Assyrian town near border of Turkey) directly which is located 62 kilometers from Dohuk.

ICRC: Why did you returned home to Teleskof after enduring so much?

Madlen: The situation in Teleskof and the Nineveh Plain after our liberation from ISIS is good. Families are beginning to return home which encouraged my own family to return. All the returned families have started cleaning their homes and businesses. We really hope that our lives will be even better than before this crisis. 

ICRC: What is your dream for Teleskof?

Madlen: We need our village to return to what it was before [which includes electricity and infrastructure destroyed by ISIS]. This is land belongs to our ancestors and we will keep it that way in the future. 

ICRC: How can the international community help Assyrian Christians rebuild and maintain a Christian presence in Iraq?

Madlen: We need the international community to protect us and ensure our survival as Iraq’s indigenous people.  Honestly Christians add value to Iraq and all we want is to live in our country in peace and away from violence and threats. 

Donate to Christian families through Light The Way campaign, giving them a renewed hope as they come together, pray together, and break bread together. To give, please go to:

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