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What Trump Has Wrought in Syria

The United States and Turkey have signed an agreement over Syria. Both parties agree on the importance and functionality of the “safe zone.” 

Iraqi Christians Fear Fallout of US Pullout, Turkish Invasion

 A few days ago, Donald Trump announced he was pulling out U.S. troops from Northeastern Syria. At this, some of my friends were happy.  

A Christmas wish: Christians in the Middle East need American support to live free from persecution

At this time of year American Christians are free to celebrate Christmas in any way they like, because freedom of religion is a cherished right in the U.S. for people of every faith. But in many predominantly Muslim nations in the Middle East, the Christian minority is threatened and persecuted 365 days a year. 

Opinion Journal: Iraq’s Christian Exodus

Iraqi Christian Relief Council Founder Julianna Taimoorzay on the plight of religious minorities in the Middle East. 

Organization helps Assyrian Christians in the Middle East

Iraqi Christian Relief Council’s Juliana Taimoorazy on the organization, how it helps Assyrian Christians in the Middle East and President Obama’s response to the violence in the region. 

Hereditary martyrs: the Christian victims of ISIS’s massacres

Woody Allen once joked that sterility is hereditary: If you don’t have any children, you won’t have grandchildren either. In my family, we pass down a different condition: martyrdom. 

Assyrian Christian - Advocacy Fellow Juliana Taimoorazy

An Assyrian Christian born and raised in Iran, Juliana Taimoorazy is the founder and president of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, an organization that raises awareness about the persecuted church in Iraq and helps Assyrian refugees resettle in the United States. Smuggled out of Iran in 1989 to avoid religious persecution, she sought asylum in America. Since then she has advocated on human rights everywhere from television and radio to the halls of Capitol Hill.

Tucker Carlson defends Christianity with Assyrian Juliana

The only man on TV that defends Christianity.  Juliana Taimoorazy is our extreme passionate defender of Aramaic speaking Assyrians and lets the world know about our sufferings.

Significant Insights - Albert Nader & Juliana Taimoorazy

Persecuted Assyrian Christians: With the focus on Syria, little media attention has been concentrated on the humanitarian crisis in Iraq.  Since 2003 Assyrian Christian have been targeted by ISIS, persecuted, killed or forced to flee from their land.  The Iraqi Christian Relief Council is on the frontlines of this crisis and this organization offers ways for believers to help their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Juliana Taimoorazy President of The Iraqi Christian Relief C

President of The Iraqi Christian Relief Council joins MidPoint to discuss ISIS forcing entire villages to leave their homes and families fearing the return home. 

Militants, loyal to ISIS, beheading Christians in Libya

The Iraqi Christian Relief Council founder and president will discuss militants claiming to be loyal to ISIS beheading Christians in Libya. 

The need for churches around the world to stand up

The Iraqi Christian Relief Council president, Philos Project Advocacy Fellow and executive producer of the new documentary, “Sing A Little Louder” will discuss the documentary and the need for churches around the world to stand up for people who are being persecuted for their religious beliefs. 

Christians fleeing Iraq and Syria

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, president of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, and Juliana Taimoorazy, president of Iraqi Christian Relief Council and Advocacy Fellow of the Philos Project, discuss Christians fleeing Iraq and Syria, reports that few Christians remain in Iraq, the Iraqi Christian Relief Council's plans to hold a vigil on Sept. 21, 2015, urging Congress to declare the actions of ISIS against Christians genocide and a call to Pope Francis to do more to help the refugees. 

The beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians by ISIS in Libya

President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council joins Steve to discuss the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians by ISIS in Libya over the weekend.

Assyrian Juliana Taimoorazy on Fox News

Juliana Taimoorazy on FNC discussing the plight of Assyrians in the Nineveh Plains.

Juliana Taimoorazy on Fox News Discussing Assyrian Christi

Juliana Taimoorazy goes On The Record with Greta to discuss the plight of the Assyrian Christians in Iraq.

Reaching the deadline set by Congress, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke the words expected by Christians and beyond. "In my opinion, Daesh is responsible for genocide against groups in the areas he controls, including: Yazidi, Christians and Shiite Muslims," ​​he said. It is a critical first step toward protecting Christians from SIIL and other Islamic radicals in Iraq and Syria. 

Assyrian Christian on Genocide Declaration

Catherine Szeltner sits down with Assyrian Christian Juliana Taimoorazy who says the State Department needs to declare genocide for Christians based on conscience. 

Juliana Taimoorazy: Sing A Little Louder Movie Premiere

Check out this great video

The Hard Line | Juliana Taimoorazy discusses the film, “Sin

President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council and executive producer of the film, “Sing A Little Louder” joins The Hard Line to discuss the film, which is about a man who witnessed the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust from the pews of his church. The movie provides a message for the 21st century and a revelation of the genocides that continue to exist today. 

See Sing a Little Louder – Freedom

 Dedicated to the plight of those persecuted because of their faith.