Our Partners

How to help us bring relief to Christians in need

The Iraqi Christian Relief Council is not endowed. We rely on the faithful and generous provision of individuals, foundation houses of worship, and like-minded organizations. Now, more than ever during this time of persecution, Iraqi Christian Relief Council is seeking to identify transformational gifts that would allow the continuing support of urgent humanitarian aid, as well as sustaining support that will help thousands of displaced Christians start to rebuild their lives. Please pray about helping us directly, or connecting our organization to those contacts that may have the ability and capacity to give a transformational gift.


Our partners in the field


  • Convent of Dominican Sisters
  • Assyrian Aid Society


  • Assyrian Aid Society
  • Ashour Organization


  • Saint Constantine & Helena Kings Church


  • Spiritual Care Link Foundation
  • American Fund for Relief & Reconciliation
  • King Hussein Cancer Foundation

How to partner with us

If you are interested in partnering with us and helping to support and protect persecuted Christians in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East, contact us today at info@IraqiChristianRelief.org, or call (312) 912-4300.