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We provide an education on the region’s history, current crisis, and how you can play a role in the solution.


ICRC founder speaks on ISIS genocide against Christians

Iraqi Christian Relief Council aims to share information on the humanitarian catastrophe and to provide concrete steps on how the international community can support of the beleaguered Assyrian Christians in their hour of desperate need. Iraqi Christian Relief Council gathers information through research and consultation with the Assyrian community in Iraq, the Middle East and in the diaspora.

Iraqi Christian Relief Council gathers information from academic research, as well as outreach to the 600,000 Assyrian Christians living in the U.S., the hundreds of thousands of endangered Middle Eastern Christians, and the millions of American who share our concern for religious freedom. We aim to justly represent the struggles of the Assyrians in the Middle East.

How we educate the public

  • Speaking events at universities, churches, retreats and conferences
  • Engaging the media through talk shows, radio programs and newspaper articles
  • Providing up-to-date information on Assyrians in the Middle East in press releases and on social media

Learn more about Assyrian Christians through our advocacy and media pages.