Humanitarian Projects

Hope begins here. Providing life-saving support.

Our organization has helped thousands of persecuted Christians throughout Iraq and the Middle East by providing urgent humanitarian supplies during dire situations to those who need urgent help. Our unique knowledge and footprint with our partners on the ground in Iraq and in the region allow us to target supplies to those who are in desperate circumstances.

What we do

  • Fundraising – providing supplies to people in desperate need each year
  • Partnership – connecting individuals and institutions of all faiths who are committed to helping the poor, persecuted, and suffering in Iraq
  • Transparency – reporting on the lives that have that have been impacted and sustained through receiving these supplies

Make a decision to help today!

Your gifts allow the following items to be provided safely on the ground in Iraq:

  • Food parcels and clean water
  • Medicine and medical supplies
  • Shelter, tents, warm blankets, and mattresses
  • Other basic necessities like diapers, clothing, and toiletries

Recent ICRC projects in the field