Prayer Movement

Prayer support is vital to sustain our work

We are deeply grateful for your prayers on behalf of Christians in Iraq and the Middle East. Prayer support is essential to helping Christians find resilience and strength while suffering tremendously in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Jordan.

Often times Christians in these communities face persecution, lack of shelter and food, unequal rights, limited access to churches and discrimination. Truly your prayers can make a difference in the lives of vulnerable Christians.

Our Latest Prayer Requests

  • Pray for perseverance for Christians through this devastating time in their lives.
  • Pray their faith in Jesus Christ will not diminish and this hope will see them through.
  • Pray that much needed humanitarian aid will continue to get on the ground in a timely manner.
  • Pray that international protection will come as soon as possible.
  • Pray that the world will see the needs of this nation that is on the verge of extinction.