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COVID-19 has affected thousands of Christian families living in Iraq. 

We want to feed 1,000 families for one month.  

Feeding 1,000 Families is Overwhelming. Feeding 1 Family is Possible. 

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Adopt a Refugee Family Program

I invite you to listen and see how you can be involved and get connected with the lives of the refugees who are suffering.

Our Mission


Our mission is to educate the people around the globe about Iraqi Christian persecution, ask for prayers, and raise funds to support their basic humanitarian needs and partake in rebuilding their lives.

Our Current Struggle:

The Christians of the Middle East have faced genocide and massacres in a systematic and organized manner for centuries. They have faced the Kurdish Muslim sword starting 1843, followed by the Turkish genocide of the Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks until the modern times, falling to the savagery of the Islamic State. 

In this century alone, the Assyrians, Chaldeans and Syriac nation, indigenous to Iraq not only lost control of their ancestral land, they have also lost over three-fourth of their pre-World War I population.


Today, they stand at a crossroad of history. 

Some of the dangers of the Iraqi Christian persecution and it's people face:

  • Islamization
  • Arabization
  • Kurdification
  • Denominationalism and fragmentation
  • Cultural and language loss through assimilation outside their homeland 

They have suffered through kidnappings, beheadings, rape, plunder, total economic loss. 

Isn’t time for them to be really heard and assisted in the most serious and expedient manner? 

“Even at the point of death, we will not renounce Christ.” 

Faces and Voices of the Persecuted

Noor and her family were chased away from their home and are now living in Amman, Jordan as a result of Iraqi Christian Persecution.

12th Year Anniversary Video

For the past 12 years, we have helped with Iraqi Christian persecution, the individuals and families who have been persecuted carry the Cross.